Past is Past..

October 20, 2012

Past is Past.. | "Maybe u don't know how i feel when sumone can called u like that, which i can't..When I see ur conversation,  and read everything, i don't know whether i'm meant to u or not.. okay, u have the past moment, past memories, and whatever past, at least do respect alert juz a bit..keep just 'a bit' alert for me least delete the past thing u have n hide them from me,,please don't let me be fooled by sumone like u,,if u still be like that, i don't know what to say anymore..if u still be like that, better u go with that sumone..n if u still be like that, better u just let me go..maybe it's better if i'm the one who ------- bcoz i know u can't do what u promised before..maybe i do not know u well, but i know u.. so just be yourself, don't make sumthing that u don't want to do just because of me.."

"if that's just the past, n u r serius, juz ignore it..ignore dat sumone, ignore the message, calling, chatting or whatever that can connect u.. bcoz that's the only way u can do to forget the past thing.. i did the same thing when i was in the situation like yours.. "

"i dont care if u feel annoying with me.."

#Cerita petikan drp. cerpen Adikku Gengster. Takde kena mengena dgn aku..:)

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